Dear colleague,

on behalf of high class and top modern hospitals in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) we are looking for specialists and consultants of all disciplines!

The monthly salaries (always tax-free!) range from 8.000 Euro for junior doctors until 12.000 – 35.000 Euro for specialists and consultants, for instance cardiologists or gynecologists, depending on their skills, experiences and also depending on the quality and reputation of the hospital and the duration of your stay in Dubai: Salaries increase yearly.

Our headquarter is situated in Dubai Health Care City, so you can visit us there and a medical colleague stands by your side if you need any support. You are welcome!

You must meet with those requirements:

  • You must be a specialist having clinical experience asspecialist 3-5 years, this depends on your country where you have got your diploma
  • Ready to acquire a good knowledge in English language
  • Fast internet access with skype software and webcam for video interviews with hospitals
  • Willingness to work as visiting doctor (part-time) some weeks or months per year or working permanent for at least 1-3 years to get the maximum salary.

Without licence no job in Dubai

Each doctor working in Dubai or UAE must apply for at least one licence BEFORE starting to work, issued by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). Costs thereby are to be incurred that the doctor must pay to the DHA. Payment by installments is possible in some cases for doctors in poor financial conditions, for instance coming from Eastern Europe or South America.

Please do NOT answer and waste your precious time if you are not ready or if you cannot afford paying the costs for licence(s) to the Dubai Health Authority. The amount (for one licence, most doctors buy two) is between only one third until one fifth of one monthly salary, depending on your experience and the duration of your stay in Dubai. The licence fee must be payed to the Dubai Authorities before starting your work as a doctor. You can apply for the licence yourself (duration to get the licence at least one year) or you mandate a colleague in Dubai or somebody else to do this on behalf of you (duration is 5-6 months only).

Our Relocation Service

Our office in Dubai also is available for questions of “re-location”, including apartment or house search, transfering your driver’s license into the Arabic one, translations of documents into English or Arabian language and so on. Our colleagues in Dubai will help you in everyday´s life so that you can practice your profession as a doctor immediately and do not have to care and be concerned about all the other things. You are not left alone, we will help you at every time you need us here in Dubai.

Please send us your contact information and curriculum vitae

If you are interested to get more information about working and living conditions for physicians in Dubai, please tell us your mobile telephone number and mail address: our office in Dubai will contact you as soon as possible.

We are happy to answer all your questions!

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