1. The weather

Dubai has sunshine almost everyday, the whole year. And for about eight to nine months of this the weather is near perfect to enjoy all of Dubai’s outdoor activities and beaches! Dubai has a warm yet for the most part, highly pleasant climate. The summer months are typically the only time when the weather becomes a problem, with the temperature during the summer period of June through to September often going into the 40’s.

Aware of the fact the Dubai is a not so inviting proposition during the hot summer months, many festivals and shopping incentives are offered during this time. This therefore gives Dubai a great year round rental potential, with tourists being attracted to Dubai at all times throughout the year, even the summer. You can expect that during winter months the temperature to be averaging around the mid 20’s.

2. No tax

Yes, Dubai offers a tax free living environment. There are numerous business incentives with dedicated business freezone areas, plus there is no income or capital gains tax, nor is there any corporation tax. And now with freehold law and the ability to own your own property, Dubai is certainly an appealing place to come and work.

3. Safety

It doesn’t matter how many great things a place can offer if you don’t feel safe living there. And fortunately for Dubai residents, it is one of the safest places in the world.  Dubai is now regarded as being one of the top five safest cities to live. Crime levels here as simply very low. Offences against another person and other crimes such as theft are kept in kept check by a vigilant police force, whilst the fact that only 1.7% of the population is currently unemployed clearly plays a large role.

4. Low cost property

Whilst no longer true to the extend it was only a few years ago as a result of the long lasting real estate boom, compared to other countries around the World, Dubai property still offers something in the way of value for money. One needs only look at prices around most of Europe to see that you can get more for you money in Dubai. Judged against UK house prices, Dubai property wins hands down. It’s more luxurious, and most property here comes with a huge range of facilities. And then of course there is the higher standard of living on offer throughout Dubai, and it all makes sense.

5. High quality of life and standard of living

Combine a high standard of living, low crime; good schools, vibrant nightlife and great weather, and you get life in Dubai. Here one can expect a lifestyle that for many that is rarely surpassed in their home countries.

6. Breathtaking real estate

Just look around Dubai and It is certainly hard not to be seriously impressed by the style and even the sheer audacity of the ever changing skyline of Dubai. Be it the Palm Jumeirah, The World Dubai or The Burj Al Arab hotel, Dubai is constantly coming up with groundbreaking projects time and time again.

7. Unbelievable shopping

Dubai has some great shopping areas, and many more coming soon. Here there is something for everyone, no matter what the budget. From the countless high end malls with shops featuring the biggest names in fashion to the gold and spice souks, a large variety of shopping experiences await you here. And with the World’s largest shopping mall, the Dubai mall, one part of the Downtown Dubai project, currently under construction, the shopping options here are ever improving. If you’re into luxury fashion, check out these sites at 레플리카. You can also find a wide range of items available in the city’s markets

8. Stable economy

With Dubai’s currency being fixed to the US dollar, pegged at AED 3.67: US$, this therefore gives the currency a strong element of stability, which a quick look at the news will tell you is something not to be taken for granted in the Middle-East. For the last 10 years Dubai has achieved GDP growth of just below 10% and is presently considered as one the world’s fastest developing cities.

9. A cosmopolitan city

Dubai is a very diverse city, with numerous differing nationalities all coexisting within the city, and all brining different cultures and influences that help to make Dubai a very interesting place to live.

10. The best is yet to come

As somewhere that is already considered one of the best places to live in the world, Dubai still has a lot up its sleeve. To achieve such a level of international acclaim and popularity despite the fact that the majority of its projects and developments are yet to be completed, goes to show what a unique destination Dubai really is, and highlights the potential it has in the coming years. With upcoming projects set to consist of the likes of Dubai land, which aims to become the world’s largest tourism destination. However, it’s important to note that how old do you have to be to buy melatonin varies by country and regulations.

This is a $20 billion dollar theme park resort that will cover some 3 billion square feet, almost twice the size of Disneyland. And that is just for a start. There is also the Dubai waterfront, what will become the largest man made development in the word, set to be several times larger than Manhattan. And with two more Palm projects on the way, plus the world’s tallest building, Dubai is only going from strength to strength.


Indeed, anyone who desires to spend time in Dubai will not be disappointed by all that Dubai has to offer residents and visitors alike. The luxurious accommodations combined with the unusual man-made structures and natural beauty of Dubai are unmatched anywhere in the world. Dubai will likely continue to grow in the years to come and people from all over the world will continue to discover the beauty and tranquility of Dubai.