Discover, visit and experience DUBAI

If you are not yet familiar with Dubai and not yet sure if Dubai is the right place for you and your family, to live there and to work as a doctor, either part-time (some weeks per year) or permanent for 1-4 years, we recommend you, to take a vacation there for a couple of days or 1-2 weeks and to discover your career opportunities.

Our head office in Dubai will be ready to support you: A medical colleague will be your personal guide for one or two days. Since he is living and working for many years in Dubai, he can give you a lot of valuable information. You will get the chance to visit our local partner hospitals, to get in touch with the management and to speak to your future colleagues. So you will have your own personal impression about your life in Dubai that you might begin some day.

Questions of everyday´s life, such as housing, visa, driving license, telephone, internet and so forth, can be discussed with our colleagues in Dubai. A limousine service is organized for you to pick you up at your hotel and to bring you back again. You will be our special guest.

Please note: Your personal medical guide in Dubai is working each day in a private hospital earning a high salary. If he spends his time exclusively only for you and he can not work when being your personal guide, you kindly are requested to pay a fee for this service, of course, to compensate at least a part of his loss of earnings during those 2 days. This is according to the medical culture in Dubai.

DUBAI workshop as an important decision aid for you

During your Dubai workshop you will get valuable contacts with colleagues in Dubai and you should maintain them also when you come back again to your country. Having got a personal impression of the working and living conditions in Dubai, you will have a better basis to make your decisions for your future time and your better live in Dubai.

Let us know early enough if you are interested in such a workshop so that we can prepare it for you adequately – you are welcome and cordially invited!