Dubai 8K Video Ultra HD – United Arab Emirates (60 FPS) / Drone Video

Flying like a free and majestic eagle over DUBAI and you will see magnificent and extraordinary images. You will be deeply impressed and never forget these beautiful pictures of one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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We are the leading private Doctors Human Resources Network in the UAE.

Our Board of Directors (BoD) is an internationally constituted committee of leading doctors, like for instance prestigious senior consultants with a long lasting clinical working experience or doctors that scientifically are recognized in the medical world and professional literature as outstanding personages.

The Vice President and The BoD are working on a voluntary basis.

We cooperate with professional associates in many other countries of the world. The General Manager and the Vice President preside over the headquarter that is situated in Dubai.

Our Government Relation Managers in Dubai are experienced persons, having extensive contacts with all relevant decision makers of the Dubai Health Authorities. Our Medical Employees are true experts in the local markets of their countries. The highly Respected Experts at the Dubai Health Authority, our Colleagues in the hospitals in Dubai, they all make an important and valuable contribution to our success! Thank you to all of them!

All together we are working as a Medical Professional Team. Our customers worldwide benefit from this.

Furthermore our interaction with contacts in the USA and Asia give us a truly global network with access to the best high professionals, available for the market in Middle East, the most ambitious region worldwide at this time. In Dubai the salaries are very high and 100% tax free! Dubai is the last paradise for doctors, if they are willing and ready to work at high medical and ethical standards and respect the laws and rules of Dubai.

We can support you for applying for the licence/s

If you need our support to apply for your licence/s in Dubai, you can mandate us. Our service is, to take you by the hand and explain to you each detail, we also contact the authorities on your behalf, to clarify any questions that come up unavoidably during the complicated licence procedure. We will help you in this very bureaucratic process. It is a real jungle for outsiders. We successfully will lead you through it in close cooperation with the experts of the Dubai Health Authority, so that you get rid from this burden and can focus on that what is your profession: working as a doctor.

Medical confidentiality

An important part of our service is your right to privacy. Talking openly to you, knowing your exact needs and financial expectations, results keeping your information and financial affairs confidential. This is fundamental for our business.

You are our client

As our client you can expect nothing less than the best possible personal service every time you deal with one of our representatives in person, by letter, email, on the telephone or when meeting up our consultants in Dubai. Everyone is accountable to you. Within 24 hours your questions will be answered. You can contact us 7 days per week during usual office hours. Our mission is: we as doctors will do the best for our colleagues to support them to start a new career and a better life in Dubai.

You are welcome!

Let you inspire by this wonderful HD video (enlarge video to full size by klicking the small square at the menu bar of youtube preview): Armed with unguarded ambition and the vision to push boundaries beyond the unthinkable, Jetman Dubai and Emirates A380 take to the skies of Dubai for an exceptional formation flight.

Source Youtube: Emirates: #HelloJetman

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