The CV and cover letter each provide the most  important element to a successful application for a position. The CV provides a summary of your experience and skills while the cover letter introduces you to the employer and highlights any information that is important enough to be repeated.  A CV will be your most important selling tool when it comes to getting the important shortlisting. 

At Doctors4Dubai, we use the content of your existing CV and craft an excellent CV on a specified format  which will impress your potential employer. We correct the grammar, English and spelling (if there are any errors) and change the format to one that is commonly used in the UAE. We are experts in enhancing the information in your current CV, we know what information to include and what to leave out. Using our services (free of charge!) will not only save you time, stress and hassle but will also ensure that you optimise your chances. Whether you are applying for a new position or want to present yourself as an experienced professional, a curriculum vitae is a necessity.

How it works

1st:  Once you have placed your order which includes the CV enhancement service, your order will be processed and reviewed within 5 days and your CV will be carefully studied.

2nd:  If there is any information where we feel is missing or any gaps in your employment, we will notify you and request you send this information so we can include as much detail in the CV.  We will be using your own words to create your first drafts. We do need information and one word bullet points are not acceptable. Of course, if we believe some of the words and grammar used are incorrect, we will change this to make it sound more professional. The more detail and information you provide, the higher the quality of your CV.

3rd:  Once you submit all the information, your order will be assigned to a writer. This writer will begin work immediately on creating the first drafts of the CV. While working on the first drafts, if the writer has any additional questions, he or she will email you directly. Otherwise, within 10 business days from submitting the questionnaire, you will receive your first draft.

4th:  After receiving your first draft, you will have 3 weeks to review the and work with your writer personally to create a final version of the CV.

5th:  At the end of this period, the writer will provide you with final version of your CV that you can customize easily to submit to numerous positions and get ready to apply for that job.